The Stronghold Fund Steps Up

Through The Stronghold Fund (TSF), Wild Salmon Center leverages major financial contributions to support partner organizations and high-leverage initiatives throughout the North Pacific. The Fund was created with the belief that we’re most successful when we form strategic alliances to achieve shared conservation goals. Two critical needs of those alliances are targeted, rapid response funding for time-sensitive campaigns, and stable resources for the network of leading organizations and coalitions protecting the North Pacific’s last, great salmon strongholds.

Since its creation in 2015, WSC has been working to capitalize The Stronghold Fund at $15 million. To date, we’ve raised $10 million toward that goal. And for several years the Fund has deployed annual grants to support efforts in the Skeena and Dean regions in British Columbia. (See story on TSF-funded work in the Central Coast of B.C.)

Along with new grants for British Columbia, this year the Fund is providing resources to advance a major opportunity in Oregon. (See story on timber agreements.) Given the challenges associated with Covid-19 and its far-reaching economic impacts, we also stand ready to back our constellation of partners in Pacific stronghold rivers and regions. We plan to increase grant-making over the next 6 to 12 months to bolster targeted conservation efforts.

As we accelerate grant-making now and in the coming years, we continue to look for new funders to invest in The Stronghold Fund and help us fully deliver on our high-impact strategy to protect the Pacific’s most extraordinary salmon, steelhead, and trout rivers. Now, more than ever, we have a singular role to help ensure the strength and capacity of our partners and to support vitally important initiatives that benefit the North Pacific’s wild salmon and steelhead and all that is linked to them.

To learn more about The Stronghold Fund, contact Executive Director David Finkel ( or visit

Above: The Stronghold Fund has provided multi-year support for WSC’s partnership efforts with SkeenaWild to conserve the Skeena River and neighboring watersheds such as the Nass River (Ken Morrish). Below: Carrie Collingwood of the Babine River Foundation (Billy LaBonte);  The Fund also supports Coastal Rivers Conservancy’s work in the Dean and Central Coast region of British Columbia (Guido Rahr).

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